Jun 27

Your Shopping Habits Reveal Your Personality

Do you hunt for bargains or do you shop impulsively? Either way, your shopping habits can reveal much about your personality, says a psychiatrist. Here are 8 types of shoppers and what their buying habits show. Find out which type you belong to.

LIST SHOPPER – You make shopping lists because you consider your budget and the needs of your household carefully. In general this means that you are considerate of others’ feelings and needs, as well as organized and reliable, but sometimes you are not as flexible as you might be-and that could cause problems. However, the female list shopper tends to deal well with her children. Her children know that they can depend on her.

SCHEDULED SHOPPER – Shopping only on certain days and carefully planning the shopping in advance give you more time for leisure and other things. You know how to save time and money and serve well-prepared meals, but you tend to have a rigid personality, always wanting to keep to some schedule. Your inflexibility can occasionally cause you to be depressed. Also, your compulsive behavior can drive others away because no one can relax around you.

HAPHAZARD SHOPPER – You have a busy and interesting life and can barely spare time for shopping, but you may have friction at home because you tend to buy more than you need and pay higher prices. This can also cause you to feel dissatisfied with yourself. You are susceptible to being fast-talked by salesmen. Look for ways to get better value for your money.

BARGAIN HUNTER – You are a secure type of person who knows how to wait for what you want in life. You are mature and you think highly of yourself.

IMPULSIVE SHOPPER – You are swayed by color and by advertising and you

Jun 27

Antique Shopping On Atlantas Southeast Side

Antique lovers who are looking to find some great treasures will enjoy browsing antique markets on the southeast side of the Atlanta metro area. There are several popular options to explore when searching for vintage items and unique collectibles. Enjoy an afternoon or an entire weekend of shopping.

Scotts Antique Market is the worlds largest monthly indoor antique market. Scotts is held at the Atlanta Exhibition Center, a huge facility with space for 3,500 vendors. The Antique Market is held the second weekend of every month, with vendors coming from all over the East. Shoppers will find a large selection of furniture, as well as rugs, lighting, dishes, household accessories, jewelry, silver, and vintage linens. Most of the vendors are located inside two buildings, but there are also a few booths set up outdoors. The outside vendors generally carry garden items, salvage building materials, and architectural elements. Many vendors are willing to negotiate prices. The two buildings are located on both sides of the interstate, and a shuttle bus runs back and forth every 15 minutes. Both buildings are air conditioned and heated, and there is plenty of free onsite parking. Food is available.

The Atlanta Exhibition Center is located off I-285 at 3650 Jonesboro Road SE. The Antique Market is held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the second weekend of the month. Friday and Saturday hours are from 9am-6pm. Sunday hours are from 10am-4pm. The admission price of $5 is good all weekend.

The Kudzu Atlanta Antique Market has been one of the Atlanta areas most popular antique stores for more than thirty years. There are 100 vendors located in the 25,000 square feet of exhibit space. Shoppers will find an excellent selection of antiques, folk art, vintage clothing and jewelry, lighting, collectible books and records, and

Jun 26

The Top Shopping Malls In Orlando

The actual Top Shopping Malls with Orlando. If shopping is your eagerness, then Orlando could function as the suitable vacation for you. You could find substantial nicknames together with substantial rate reductions in Orlando’s shopping malls. Here are your secrets for all the Top Shopping Malls in Orlando

The Mall at Millenia

The Mall at Millenia is a strong amazing shopping experience, together with liked locals together with targeted traffic because of upon world. The Mall at Millenia is distinctive shopping mall with extraordinary design, as well as the faciliti8es available create this shopping mall an practical experience such as basically no other. And also big retailers you’ll find any Post Home office, valet protecting, money trade along with an assistant service. There are wheelchairs together with strollers around for shoppers have fun in many 150 stores. Retail outlets include things like Abercrombie & Polecat, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Chanel together with Gucci.

Orlando Premium Shops

One other certainly loved shopping mall with outlets consisting of 7 Pertaining to All of Your human, Banana tree Republic, DKNY, Ted Bread maker together with Victoria’s Secret. Seize any taste to be able to gnaw Underground, A coffee house or possibly Asia Caf Grill. This shopping mall also features it has the targeted traffic unknown trade facilities, wheelchairs together with buggy rental.

Florida Mall

There will be something for everybody in central Florida’s largest mall with 1.9 million sq.ft. of shopping. However this is far more versus shopping. Florida Mall can be an event you will never leave behind together with an exceptional day trip with all the family. This approach is essential complete proper consulting Orlando. Retail outlets include things like JCPenney, Macy’s, Saks Lastly Path, Hollister together with Ceramic Barn. As well as this, Florida Mall features either 30 places to eat together

Jun 23

Find the most effective On Online Coupons and Online Shopping

Online shopping is growing thanks to the rise of the World Wide Web. A lot more and more men and women are spending time online and several of them are beginning to see the advantages of performing their shopping there too. Why would they bother to invest time lining up within the grocery or search every single nook and cranny of a supermarket if they can just go online and click on what they want in a few minutes? To take benefit of this new marketplace, numerous firms are now utilizing online coupons.

The coupons are discount coupons which are also growing in popularity together with online shopping. Their uses can vary, from providing the customer a specific percentage off the price of a product or offering free shipping. The wonderful thing about them is that the consumers can save a lot of money by constantly utilizing the coupons. Even though it might seem like a loss for the company, it can truly be an benefit as they gain more clients or improve loyalty within their own by means of the use of the online coupons. The coupons normally have a code that was generated by the organization to make sure that every code is not duplicated elsewhere.

There is also an expiry date for every coupon and terms and conditions for use, as well as the customer ought to at least check them to make sure that they get the best benefit out of them. An example is the limitation of the amount of order. The coupon can only be used if the customer bought, for example, a minimum of $50 worth of products online. There are numerous other people along with the instructions are either seen on the coupons themselves or posted on the official website

Jun 20

Shopping from online San Diego art gallery

Shopping fine art pieces from San Diego art gallery can be adventurous and advantageous. Here are some details about them.

If you wish to buy art that is affordable and contemporary, then San Diego art gallery will be the right alternative for you. There is enormous variety when it comes to art. This online art gallery boasts a wide collection of photographs as well as paintings. If you are looking for natural landscapes, bird or animal paintings then you will surely be impressed by the online art galleries.

Why shop from online San Diego art gallery?

The simplest answer is that online shopping of art piece is convenience and affordability. You can choose to buy the art piece while you are traveling or at office or home. With online gallery you do not actually have to be inside any gallery to book your art piece. Since the art gallery is online it is unencumbered form of traditional gallery. The online website will make up in every way for the absence of physical infrastructure. You will be offered with the magnificent experience of audio while you are browsing through the art work. When work becomes hectic and finding time for pursuing hobby becomes tough, online art galleries offer some respite. No art buyer will have to rush through the gallery to pick an art piece. The online San Diego art gallery will offer you with 24 hour access. You can visit the online gallery anytime you like. Since the online gallery takes out the costs of infrastructure and other amenities, the online galleries can easily make way out for cheaper art pieces. The online galleries will not have to worry about the commissions, this is why they can afford to offer cheap art pieces. Online San Diego art

Jun 20

Popular Shopping At Khartoum Sudan!

Shopping is done for personal and home needs. Khartoum has many places for carrying out shopping. Most of the shopping is done in local markets. But foreigners coming to the city prefer branded stores and international shopping malls. Khartoum is well linked by roads and you can easily move to different malls for buying your needed items. They have a better choice of quality and prices. Those taking cheap flights to Khartoum can go for low cost shopping. Any one can find what he wants. Its most popular shopping malls are;

Al Souq Al-Afranjee: Its a European style shopping center where both foreigners and locals come frequently for buying different branded items. It is lined with stores selling foreign appliances, foreign trade agents and airline offices. Foreigners taking flights to Khartoum come to this place to buy quality items at reasonable rates. The specialty items sold at this place are; gold and silver jewelry, beads and local handicrafts.

Afra Mall: Its the first shopping center in Sudan. It houses many Department stores, a hypermarket superstore, 3 movie theatres, food court, internet cafe, pool tables, bowling hall, and a children playing area. It is a mega mall with an area of 30,000 m. It is located in Arkawet, about less than 2 miles from Khartoum International Airport. Due to its location it is easy to reach for the travelers getting into city taking Khartoum flights. From fresh food to toys, clothing, televisions, and appliances Afra has every thing to capture buyers. It is also housing a magnificent restaurant with music.

Souq Omdurman: It is the oldest market in Khartoum. One can find almost anything, from handicrafts to clothes to shoes to kitchen articles. It is also the place to find local handicraft and souvenirs as well as meat and

Jun 18

Price Comparison Take Benefits Of Online Shopping

Price comparison is essential in several ways including saving money, time and other efforts etc. Online search engine are best ways to enjoy price comparison. Whatever, you need to shop today begin from electronic devices, clothes and other accessories etc become easier today with the availability of online shopping stores which provides product features and price comparison. These websites offer conveniently access to different list of prices for various products offered in different online retailers. The sites selling the products or services are mainly sourced out from retailers whom the consumers need to contact in case they wanted to buy a certain product from those lists available on the website.

Initial Price comparison services available today required downloads and installation. Developments in technology have helped these shopping sites into a single server so that customers can easily access it.

There are many reasons for the growth and popularity of online price comparison websites but the fact is the increase of shopping portals on the internet. Undeniably, most of the people of contemporary generation are busy in their own tasks and therefore its very hard for them to make themselves free to shop going out. Online shopping has therefore been there best alternative and sites like this optimize the convenience that one can enjoy. Apart from being able to check price listings, you can also go through specific features and functionality of products offered within the website. There are many websites that even provide updated data and information on their website’s database.

Regular growth of the compare price engines, other business as well working hard to sell their products or services online. A subset came into this service today is known as mobile comparison shopping. SMS-based comparison, mobile web applications, and native client applications are strengthening these advanced shopping techniques. Thats

Jun 16

Shopping For a Little Black Dress

Shopping like we have mentioned above is very important to us human beings because it is the only way we ensure that we never run out of the things we need and also the only way we get to know what is new in the market. The little black dress is one thing that will be bought on regular occasions by women and girls. They tend to adore this dress and will have one or two in their closets because it is considered to be a life saver. It can be worn for different occasions and also in different styles. As much as women love shopping for this particular dress, what factors should they consider when shopping for one? >

First of all, women need to consider their body types when it comes to picking out the little black dress. Keep in mind what design type of the dress will look great and bring out the positive features of your body. Yes the dress is supposed to be little and black but it does come in various designs so that it can fit different body shapes. Choose between the strapless, sleeveless, and short sleeved, alter neck and or V-neck dress. One of these dresses will definitely look good on you. You might also want to consider shopping from a local shop rather than online. Although online stores can have some of the best little black dress you will ever see, fitting it will be impossible. When shopping, you want to fit in the dress just to ensure that it is a perfect fit. You can only do this from a local shop where they allow you to fit.

Consider the price tag attached to the little black dress before you get it. Price is what counts the most as this

Jun 14

The Bright Future Of Online Shopping In India

There are online shopping web portals that provide products at discounted prices and the prices are fixed so that there is less possibility of the same product at high prices in the market. The products offered are of good quality and there are less chances of duplication. Apart from branded imported products there are domestic products that are offered through online shopping that are quite reliable .

There is a good scope of online shopping in India as people are more concerned about the products that they buy and they can easily find products while sitting at home through logging onto their systems. In this way they can save money and unnecessary expenses while shopping . There are less chances of duplicate products as the websites only promote products that are genuine and well established.

Few websites promote social shopping that enables users to make friends with other users and solve their queries related to any of the products .Social shopping has worked well in making online shopping most popular network in India as one can buy a product freely if he knows well aboutthe products from hand on experienced people. Online shopping in India is becoming known day by day and the reaction of the customers have been supportive .Their tremendous support has led online marketing famous in major parts of India.

Shopping through the online shopping portals is quiet convenient in the modern Indian society where time and money is equally precious. Through social shopping people can get opinion from experts and can make friends online whose wise suggestions prove worth in most of the cases.

Online shopping in India has created a new scope for retailers as they can come forward and advertise their products easily and the amount paid is much less than they pay while

Jun 11

Best Shopping Cart Software

AJ Shopping Cart Software which is the best php based ecommerce shopping cart software to make your own online store.Here in this I have provided the highlights,benefits and the features of AJ Shopping Cart Software.

Highlights of the AJ Shopping Cart Software :

Cross Selling :
The purpose of the Cross Selling tool is to encourage the buying experience by showing the related products of the product being viewed. This feature greatly hastens and improve the products sales. The user can opt for product id and check out the related products listed in the similar listing products.
Inventory :
The members by using Inventory module, can view stock information and also can update the information of a product. Stock information means the remaining quantity of product. This module helps member to enter the available quantity and reorder level of the product.
Users Overview :
Our Shopping Cart Software directs the application of user overview wherein following features like New Customer’s, Top 10 Customer’s, Customer’s World Wide & Customer’s Seniority is analyzed in potent way.

Key Benefits :
Import / Export Features
The Admin can export the order details in AJ Shopping Cart V 1.0 . The Orders , Product details , Categories that are processed by customers will be listed for Admin. Admin can export the Order , Product details , Categories easily in four formats such as Excel, XML, CSV and Tab file.
Cancellation of Orders in the admin side
This setting is created in the admin panel of Sales & Order wherein you had to click the Order list for utilizing this feature. By this utility admin can easily sort out the unnecessary order placed by the user and then cancel the order for proper maintenance of stock

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