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Little do the sisters know that their innocent is not so innocent. MF, nc, rp, asian, sci-fi, fantasy A Rival's Fall - by Slave to Magick - A Hermetic Mage captures a rival and force her to become his slave in revenge for her politically opposing him. It gives women a chance to take it out on men. The girl however changes her mind after she has lost the control. And, well, girls just didn't fall over and spread out at the drop of a hat.

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The house was still, meaning no one was home.

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A week passes without any action. I would show him I wasn't going to sit around and waiting for him. In frustration, he quit the job rather than put up with the asshole of a boss and the new supervisor. Something about that kid that was no good. Read August Moone and be prepared for quite the little sexcapade to the twisted and bizarre. The wives are made into the soldier's concubines, but the husbands find an even worse fate awaiting them.

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